February 18th, 2023.

Algonquin Park.

A cold day, -15^c, also very dark outside.

Saw a Canada Jay. Though I prefer it's other name, Whisky Jack (from the Algonquin word Wisakedjak). It was along one of the popular paths, people seem to know it hangs out there. Whisky Jacks had to become very cleaver to survive the extreme cold of the north, well worth reading up on. Surprised at how large it was, the size of a Blue Jay.

Also saw a boreal chickadee, but couldn't get a good photo. First time seeing one.

Another highlight was the river otter. Almost didn't get a photo, only because a car had stopped did we pay attention to the frozen lake.

Canada Jay.
Map of Canada Jay sightings, from iNaturalist data.
Boreal Chickadee.
River Otter.
Red Squirrel.