January 8th, 2022.

Vaughan Rd., St. Clair W., and Wychwood Park.

A colder day of -3^c, but sunny.

The local hawks at Oakwood and Vaughan. Spotted this pair stalking the pigeons. They like to chase the pigeons that live near Cy Townsend Park.

A robin earing berries, near Wychwood Barns. Nice old brick.

Some local squirrels.

Woodpeckers inside Wychwood Park, many of them.

A goldfinch.

House finches enjoyed the open water.

Got close to a white throated sparrow.

Carolina Wrens are hard to photography, this one was shy.

Got to see at fox in Wychwood Park.

Saw a sharp-shined hawk near St. Clar, hunting pigeons.

Some starlings on a wire.

The red-tailed hawk, again that hangs out near Vaughan Rd. and Winnona. This time I was walking north, and saw it again.