January 3rd, 2021.

Drove out to Second Marsh in Oshawa. It was a very cold and rainy day. Also very dark.
The ash trees in the marsh are dying, so the city is trying to discourage people from wandering around.

This is Farewell Creek that runs through the marsh.

The marsh is adjacent Lake Ontario.

A few hardy long-tail ducks out in the cold lake.

A couple of gulls.

Inland we spot a beaver and a beaver house.

Saw a pair of trumpeter swans.

Some mallards.

Canada goose flying above.

A chickadee eating some sumac.

I couldn't get a good picture but maybe I saw a kingfisher?

We tried another location, went to Thickson's Woods.
Here people feed many of the small birds, and they'll eat out of your hand.
Saw a cardinal.

House finch.






Perhaps a brown creeper. It was a very overcast day, and this is as much as I could brighten up the picture.

Red Squirrel.