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CHAPTER I. Principles of arithmetical algebra. Page 1.

CHAPTER II. On the theory of the fundamental operations in arithmetic. Page 52.

CHAPTER III. On the theory of the extraction of the roots of numbers, and the properties of surds. Page 130.

CHAPTER IV. On ratios and proportions. Page 154.

CHAPTER V. On the solution of equations. Page 205.

CHAPTER VI. On arthemtical, geometrical and harmonical progressions or series. Page 275.

CHAPTER VII. Theory of permutations and combinations. Page 297.

CHAPTER VIII. On the formation of binomial products and powers. Page 325.

CHAPTER IX. On the solution, in whole numbers, of indeterminate equations of the first degree. Page 337.

CHAPTER X. On the symbolical representation and properties of number. Page 361.