Arthur Gron

Arthur Gron

Tree Survey, Glenholme Ave.(January, 2020)

Transcribing a historical math textbook from 1842, A Treatise On Algebra Volume I, By George Peacock (This is best viewed using Firefox with the Presentation MathML Polyfill extension. As it is transcribed into MathML.)

Trees In The Annex, Web maps.

Comparison Of Public Transit Operating Cost As Pecent Of Total Municipal Operating Budget, For Ontario Municipalities (March 20, 2018)

Comparison of Public Transit Operating Costs, Of Ontario Municipalities. (March 13, 2018)

Comparison of Transit Operating Costs of 17 World Cities. (February, 2018)

Comparison of Toronto's Municipal Budget to the Municipal Budget of 16 Similarly Ranked Cities. (November, 2017)

Literature Review of Other ranking Systems. (September, 2017)

Review of Municipal Open Data Requests. (September, 2017)

Choropleth Map of Ontario's Municipal Budgets, 2017

Choropleth Map of Ontario's Municipal Expenditures Per-Person, 2017

Personal Journal